Enterprise Payments Hub

The payments industry has grown increasingly complex and fragmented over the last decade, with the wide-scale adoption of various payment innovation initiatives. Financial institutions across the board are feeling the pressures of rising payment volumes and more challenging customer demands; a challenge made even greater with outdated legacy systems that work in isolation from each other.

Millennium Payment Hub platform enables banks to move away from the silo approach in a controlled manner to significantly reduce time-to-market, migration risk, and maintenance costs while establishing a base architecture platform that maximizes agility and efficiency

Millennium Payment Hub helps in achieving a fully unified banking platform that provides
  • Reduced operational inefficiencies
  • Improved client servicing capabilities
  • Enhanced fraud and risk management capabilities
  • Strengthened reporting and decision-making capabilities

Millennium Payment Hub optimizes payment processes by standardizing messaging and integrating multiple payment methods. In addition, clients can use a single API to access the platform.

Payment HUB

Key Features


Millennium Payments Anti-Money Laundering service provides an extensive collection of records, sophisticated analytics, and real-time data that help you combat fraud and comply with AML and KYC regulations.


Our remittance platform allows users to transfer and receive currencies in and out of local markets at great speed and at an affordable rate. We connect global merchants to emerging markets in 35+ countries in EMEA, APAC, & Latin American regions. Our Remittance platform comes with iOS, Android, and Web applications that enhance customer experience.


Our Know Your Customer and Know Your Business service will help enterprises reduce costs and onboard clients quickly & safely in a more reliable way than traditional identification methods.


All our messaging standards are ISO 20022 compliant. The standard covers financial data between financial organizations, including payment transactions, credit and debit transactions, security trading, and other financial information.


Millennium Payment Hub is an ISO27001 complaint. ISO 27001 standard protects an organization's data assets from loss or unauthorized access and recognizes means of demonstrating their commitment to information security management through certification.

Card Issuing

Our Card issuing service enables organizations to issue programmed cards seamlessly to their customer, providing top-notch security, stringent compliance, and cutting down expenses associated with the processes involved.

Merchant Processing

Streamline all our payment processes across multiple payment channels through our Payment Hub. Integrated with Card Acquiring and Payment Gateway services, our Merchant Processing makes real-time financial transactions scalable, flexible, safe, and secure.

Bill Payment and Presentment

Millennium Payment Hub's bill payment and presentment solution are designed to deliver enhanced billing and payment experience for businesses worldwide.

Compliance Screening of Transactions

Our platform screens your incoming and outgoing messages against up-to-date sanctions lists and immediately warns you if it detects anything suspicious. Our screening environments are frequently tuned to meet the latest challenges

ISO 20022 Messaging Standard

With Millennium Payment Hub, enterprises can seamlessly and effectively migrate to SWIFT GPI and ISO 20022 with minimal impact on existing legacy systems.

Enterprise Payment Hub uses ISO 20022, an international standard that aims to enhance communication inter-operability between financial institutions, their market infrastructures, and their end-user communities.

The payment hub provides MT to ISO20022 and ISO20022 to MT conversion. Some of our formats include:

  • PACS 008 - MT103
  • PACS 009 - MT 202/MT202 COV/MT2 00
  • CAMT 053 - MT940
  • CAMT 052 - MT942
  • CAMT 054 - MT900/MT910
  • CAMT 057 – MT210

Application and Virtual Wallet

Payment App

Merchants and customers can send and receive payments conveniently through Millennium Payment Hub's native mobile and web applications. The platform also provides a versatile virtual wallet platform that brings the best experience to your customers. It allows users to transfer funds to Crypto and Fiat wallets seamlessly.

DLT and Tokenization

Reduce operational complexity in the traditional settlement, data errors, and duplication by utilizing Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), enabling organizations to consolidate multiple databases into a single platform. Reduce operational complexity in traditional settlement and servicing of conventional assets.

With Millennium Payments, financial institutions can tokenize financial assets or liabilities, including Central Bank Digital Currency, equity, bonds, and more.

Millennium Payments Token service facilitates enterprises to embrace the disruption of public DLTs for payments in a secure, compliant, and performant manner enabling secure, real-time, and cost-effective payments.


Drive your payments with a centralized payment processing infrastructure focusing on the unification and standardization of payment methods.

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