Enterprise Payments Hub

The path toward digital transformation has accelerated. For financial institutions, the start of real-time payments processing, the move to ISO 20022 messaging standards, a sharper focus on operational efficiencies, and the need for an enterprise view of payments for enhanced liquidity management are key drivers of digital transformation.


  • Real-time Transaction Status
  • Comprehensive Remittance Data
  • Payment Alerts and Notifications
  • Payment Exceptions Management
  • Single and Batch Transaction Management
  • Integrated FX Rates and Order Management

Drive your payments with a centralized payment processing infrastructure that focuses on the unification and standardization of payment methods.

Our application optimizes payment processes and removes silos by standardizing messaging and integrating multiple payment methods. In addition, clients can use a single API to access the platform.

The platform can be integrated with different payment methods by consuming API from any payment method enabling customers to have flexibility in their payment workflows.

Financial institutions and their customers can originate payment instructions from an ERP, mobile, or web application and send an encrypted file through a secured platform.

Enterprise Payment Hub uses ISO 20022, an international standard that aims to enhance communication inter-operability between financial institutions, their market infrastructures, and their end-user communities.

Our payment hub harnesses the best-in-class data sources to validate critical information before sending payment. The platform can also do data analytics and perform predictive liquidity monitoring and fraud analysis by analyzing the historical payment data.

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